November 2023 Devlog

Autumn leaves

It's been another busy month for Den. There's been a lot of work on the website and three releases of the app went out.

The Website

There is now a Tour section with screenshots from the app. No big deal right? Wong! The screenshots are all created by automated tests, my programming nemesis. It took some motivation. On the plus side, the extra tests also mean the app is getting worked out more before releases.

I've also been working on the theme and content. I think it's all starting to come together, but I know there's still a ton of work to be done. Let me know if there's something you think should included in the tour, help pages, etc.

Reader Mode Improvements

Subheadlines, social media embeds, and a flury of other reader mode improvements have been the main focus of releases in November. Extracting and styling content from webpages is a never-ending pursuit that's impossible to get perfect. That said, I'm feeling very positive about the reader mode capabilities now. I need some especially wonky sites to bring me down. Please send any you come across my way.

Mac Settings

The Mac version now includes a custom settings view that fits in better with macOS norms. It's an area I've waffled on quite a bit so I'm glad to have finally decided on a permanent direction. It's not that creating a settings window on Mac is particularly difficult, it's just that I was on the fence about whether it would be better for things to be the same on iOS and macOS. Doing something different for Mac also means doubling the work on UI tests, and well, you know how I feel about UI tests. In the end though I came to the conclusion that following Mac standards was worth the extra complexity.

Mac settings general tab

What's Next

I'm declaring December a month for rest, retrospection, and planning. No new versions of Den will be shipping out. Have a great holiday season!